GET FIT AND FEEL GREAT with shapez body progress tracker

Reach your weight goal and adapt a healthy lifestyle through regular progress tracking. If you want to track weight loss or muscle mass, our app is here to help you.

From all angles

Track your body from 3 different angles so you get the best picture on how your progress is going.


Measure everything

Track up to 11 points of measurements as a free user. With Premium account you are able to track 10 measurements more and also 3 custom ones.

Share your results

Select some of your pictures or a custom picture in case you don’t want to share your photos.
Pick exactly which measurements you want to show and then send it to the world.

Over 100k happy users worldwide

“Shapez is very easy and straightforward to use, a perfect tool to track my body progress.” Caroline N.

Connect with your trainer

If you have a trainer, then he/she can create an account in our other app Shapez Trainer. Then you can connect with the trainer in the Body Progress Tracker and share with him/her your progress photos and measurements.

More about trainer app

Get more with premium

  • Track your BMI
  • Synchronize with Apple Health or Google Fit
  • Track 10 more measurements
  • Track 3 completely custom measurements
  • Access the premium support

Are you ready?

Start today! Get on your journey for a better body right now. Shapez - Body Progress Tracker is available on Android and iOS.